Ľudo PetrÁnsky

Ľudo Petránsky “I listen to what the picture tells me and I allow it to lead me,” says Karol Felix, and we listen together with him. His graphic work, paintings and drawings show things which are to us intimately familiar. It is as if we have already seen them somewhere or have experienced them sometime. The artist’s original view, however, is an assurance that this graphic world comes to us in a new and fresh setting. It is a world of strong human feelings in which the protagonists hold on to a frail mental equilibrium. This is so even in situations where this is apparently not possible. And despite this, Karol Felix convinces us that the impossible becomes possible and the invisible becomes visible. “Everything that had some meaning in history and lasted carries a secret inside. Questions and answers can be found by anyone who is lucky enough that the work of art appeals to him,” says Karol.