KAROL FELIX | Levitation


Eva TrojanovÁ

The Magic Space of Karol Felix.
Although the creative work of Karol Felix is fully embedded in today’s world, it has been deeply in. uenced by changes that have taken place over the last decade as well as the works of many other authors. The concepts of authority, tradition and style have ceased to display a clear paradigm. Under the pressure of new lines of thinking in art, the process of homogenous artistic development so rigorous particularly in graphic art has begun to acquire free expression.
The generation emerging on the art scene in the latter half of the 1980s has perceived the world within the new criteria, thus creating a new spectrum of values. Hence, in terms of graphic art, the new criteria indicate a different point of view, transferred from analytical microstructures to the world of universal synthesis.
Despite these changes, Karol Felix does not feel the need to question the artist’s craft. However, this does not mean he favours the expectations of reality, story and simplicity or even trivial communication.