KAROL FELIX | Levitation


He does not count on public success, although for his stamp designs and graphic work he is internationally renowned and avidly sought after by collectors. “Of course, people’s reactions interest me,” says the former student of the legendary Department of Free Graphics Art and Book Illustrations under Professor Albín Brunovský.
I am happy when people find something that appeals to them in my work. I think, however, that I am not the type of person, who cares about success or it’s lack, just as I do not care about today’s latest trend. I am just fond of putting paint on a canvas or scratching something on a copper plate.” Felix is fascinated by artists, who have proved they can change their handwriting.
That is why he always tries to get away from a unifying style. From his stamp designs, through his ex-libris, to his graphic work and paintings, he is always trying to catch a different view of the medium and theme.